Treatment of erectile dysfunction in men

The word sildenafil is mostly familiar to medical professionals. But Over the counter viagra cvs is known to all without exception. Meanwhile, if you look closely, then on the packaging in small letters it will be indicated exactly sildenafil. He’s dynamic, he’s also a revolution, he’s a maxigame, he’s also a vizarsin … As you understand, these are all trade names for one active substance, which is considered the most effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. The dose is selected individually (spacing from 25 to 100 mg), it should be applied 1 hour before sexual intercourse. Effective on average in 70% of people suffering from erectile dysfunction.

In all other groups of medicines, the severity of the desired effect is much lower, not more than 30%. In fairness, we still list these drugs, since they can be used as part of the complex treatment of erectile dysfunction:

testosterone preparations (andriol, androgel);
prolactin inhibitors (bromocriptine, parlodel);
adaptogens (eleutrococcus, ginseng);
biogenic stimulants (vitreous, aloe);
vasodilators (xanthinol nicotinate).
There is another medical method, but as they say, do not try to repeat this at home. This is an intracavernous injection. Papaverine hydrochloride is used for this purpose, however, a number of side effects, such as priapism (prolonged painful erections) and sclerosis of the cavernous (cavernous) bodies, do not allow us to talk about this drug in an excellent degree, although the effect is noted in more than 50% of cases. In this sense, alprostadil (INN) is safer. With a minimum of side effects, its use is successful in 70 percent or more of cases.

If the pharmacocorrection of erectile dysfunction is ineffective, they resort to surgical or invasive treatment: ligation or resection of the veins of the penis, arterial bypass surgery, implantation of prostheses (this is an extreme method after which there is no turning back).

And the last method used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction is the vacuum constrictor method. Using a special device, negative pressure is created in the cavernous bodies of the penis, which contributes to the flow of blood into this area. An erection is supported by a special ring compressing the base of the penis, which prevents venous outflow. The effectiveness of the method is 50 to 50. Buy Viagra over the counter online