Covid-19: A hugger’s guide to staying the hell away from people

In these times of social distancing, we are going to have to accept that things are going to get awkward, writes Pallas Hupé Cotter.

Why equity for Māori must be prioritised during the Covid-19 response

Māori have fared worst in every pandemic New Zealand has ever experienced.

Covid-19 economic rescue package: The experts weigh in

Does the $12.1 billion rescue plan go far enough?

Emily Writes: Down the rabbit hole with the Covid-19 conspiracy theorists

When people feel like they have no control over their lives – like in the midst of a global pandemic – the comforting certainty of conspiracy theories seems increasingly attractive.

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The satire puzzle and the Bob Jones v Renae Maihi defamation case

I was scheduled to appear as an expert witness on the subject of satire in the Jones v Maihi defamation case, and then it was cut short.

The world is on fire: My message to New Zealanders on Covid-19

Now we have a chance. But emergency measures might need to last many months, maybe longer.

Yes, this will hurt our economy. Letting Covid-19 take grip would hurt us more

Siouxsie Wiles on the contrasting responses by leaders in the US, Britain and New Zealand.

What is the objectively correct number of tabs to have open?

This is yet another tab clogging up your browser, and that's fine.

When my friend held a handwritten sign at the cricket in Christchurch

She had a modest message about peace and solidarity to share, and then it was confiscated from her. 

How well is a school really performing? We built a lab to find out

We wanted to find out how schools were doing, irrespective of the privilege of their students.

Did Boris Johnson just destroy the Kiwi OE to the UK?

While Boris showered Brits with Budget lollies today, he served up Kiwis a shit sandwich.

Why I love: Christchurch’s elusive but brilliant Afghani restaurant

Sure, you might turn up to find the lights off and the doors closed, but if you can catch it open for business, The Afghan Restaurant offers an unparalleled culinary experience.

The cannabis vote must not go up in a puff of misinformation

Just months from the referendum, myths and misinformation about cannabis legalisation continue to proliferate.

Neil Miller: I wrote the right conservation policy for the wrong party

The inside story of writing policy for The Sustainable NZ Party, and how I fell out with both Vernon Tava and Kevin Hague.

If only we saw other diseases the way we see Covid-19

The fear you carry over this virus is the fear those of us who have children with compromised immune systems carry all the time.

This first responders protection bill is about vengeance, not justice

A minimum six month sentence for intentionally injurious assaults on prison officers or first responders does nothing to address the reasons why such crimes take place.