Learning to live by the Maramataka: Poutūterangi

Poutūterangi is a lunar phase, usually around March, marked by the rising of the star of the same name, also known as Altair. It is also the sixth phase of summer, Matiti Rautapata.

Māori nurses earn 25% less. And this government won’t even talk about it

And don't think Māori voters aren't going to notice.

Welcome to the reo-volution: On the explosion in Māori language learning

With te reo Māori classes about to start for 2020, the ‘no vacancy’ signs are going up around the country as people continue to flock to learn our native language.

By any memes necessary: How Māori meme pages are helping to decolonise Aotearoa

A surge of Māori internet memes have appeared on Instagram in the past year tackling topics from land theft to a shared love of fry bread.

Ātea Archive

The angry brown woman: My issue with art schools

Former student Anna McAllister recounts her fraught journey through art school.

The latest stats on child poverty in New Zealand, in 12 numbers

Ardern says, '18,400 children lifted out of poverty'. National counters, '20,000 more children in poverty under Jacinda Ardern'. Can they both be right?

Ancient giants and old delusions: a history of mysticism and racism in Aotearoa

A group discovered to be digging for proof of a giant pre-Māori race in the limestone caves of Waikato have not lost their minds all of a sudden, but are continuing a legacy of religion-based racism in the area, writes Scott Hamilton.

Hinemoa Elder: The world is splitting open. We are telling the truth about our lives – and taking our place in science

No matter how you measure it, science remains systematically biased against women – and ethnically diverse women even more so, writes Dr Hinemoa Elder.

The secret search for giants’ bones that has iwi and archaeologists worried

A secretive group excavating a cave near Huntly believe it's filled with a race of pre-Polynesian giants' skeletons, but iwi and archaeologists have serious concerns.

Bob Jones is not just a racist. He’s also a coward

This week I watched a man shoot himself in the foot so many times I was amazed he could walk out of the court room. Here's my honestly held opinion.

Bob Jones abandons ‘Māori Gratitude Day’ defamation case against Renae Maihi

The high-profile case at the Wellington High Court has come to an early and unexpected halt.

What Taika’s Oscar means to me – and all indigenous filmmakers

Director Heperi Mita celebrates the success of his friend Taika Waititi, and explains what it means for Māori and indigenous creatives around the world. 

There’s a NZ radio crisis that needs fighting for. It’s called iwi radio

The 21 iwi radio stations in New Zealand have been fighting for more funding for years, so where's their lifeline? 

The Bob Jones v Renae Maihi ‘Māori Gratitude Day’ case goes to court

In 2018, Robert Jones called for a 'Māori Gratitude Day'. Filmmaker and activist Renae Maihi responded with a petition to have him stripped of his knighthood. Now Jones is suing her for defamation.

Waitangi Day without the politicians is the best Waitangi Day of all

Waitangi Day brings together all groups of people, of which politicians are just one, writes Leonie Hayden.

Te Tiriti o Waitangi: the comic book

The illustrated story of the Treaty of Waitangi, courtesy of the NZ School Journal.