On queer pleasure: conversations between Imogen Taylor and Frances Hodgkins

Imogen Taylor's sumptuous exhibition Sapphic Fragments is informed by art historical understandings of queer pleasure, and in particular, women’s love for women.

On swampy ground: painter and printmaker Brent Harris returns home

Palmerston North-born Brent Harris’s considers himself an Australian artist, but his work is suffused with the unease and melancholia long associated with New Zealand art, cinema and music.

The debate over Theo Schoon, who built his career on the backs of Māori artists

An exhibition of Dutch-New Zealand artist Theo Schoon at the City Gallery in Wellington has set off a debate about the place of racially problematic work in public spaces.

Art on a shelf: 2019 in review

A conversation between editors about what made an impression in New Zealand visual arts in 2019. We unpack the highs and lows, and the exhibitions both naughty and nice. Warning: includes light interference from Elf on a Shelf. 

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Rules and revelations: The Govett-Brewster’s gutsy 50th birthday rehang

To celebrate the 50th birthday of the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre in New Plymouth, Walters Prize-winning artist Ruth Buchanan has rehung their collection, bringing previously unseen works and skeletons out of the closet.

The decade in art, from Quasi to the Turner Prize and beyond

We get a handle on the artists and artworks that shaped this decade in Aotearoa.

A road trip through Colin McCahon’s vision of Aotearoa

Megan Dunn talks to Justin Paton, the "master of accessible art writing".

The harvesters: A photo exhibition showing the hidden side of horticulture

Richard Brimer's photography exhibition Harvest is a little bit Humans of New York. Except it's in Hastings, has zero pretension, and captures the diverse population of seasonal labourers who work the local vineyards and farms.

Things I learned from not going to art school: Yuki Kihara, New Zealand’s next artist in Venice

Lessons in life and art from Samoan New Zealand artist Yuki Kihara, Aotearoa's representative at the 59th Venice Biennale in 2021.

The office is now open: 40 years of Māori film and video art

Māia Abraham reviews an exhibition currently showing at the Christchurch Art Gallery bringing to the fore the rich moving-image practices of Māori artists. 

A visit to jewellery artists Lisa Walker and Karl Fritsch in a cottage by the sea

Spinoff Art editor Mark Amery and photographer Ebony Lamb pay a visit to the internationally celebrated jewellery couple at their colonial cottage above Island Bay.

The Spinoff survey on gender bias in the art world, part 2: The galleries respond

Our recent Spinoff Art survey provided a snapshot on gender equality in the local art scene, but it wasn't the full story. Anna Knox continues the conversation by asking some gallery owners and directors for their responses to our findings.

A meditation on exile: an embroidery project draws us nearer to the Congo

Artist Lema Shamamba highlights the threads that connect cellphone use to violence and exploitation in the Democratic Republic of Congo in her first solo exhibition at Auckland's Objectspace.  

10 Best Things: Sculptor Fiona Connor’s most inspiring discoveries of the year

Los Angeles based, New Zealand born sculptor Fiona Connor, currently showing at the Mossman Gallery in Wellington, shares her top 10 – from book of the year to favourite memory of summer. 

Sex, love and Georgie Pie: a fan letter to Jacqueline Fahey

At Wellington's New Zealand Portrait Gallery for one last week is Jacqueline Fahey's Suburbanites, a survey show showcasing 60 years of the artist's riotous oil paintings. Megan Dunn writes a fan letter, in lieu of a review.

The bravery of being a sissy: Owen Connors’ SISSYMANCY!

A remarkable quilt project at Wellington’s  Play_Station, Sissymancy! references the AIDS Quilt project while laying new ground for current and future generations of queer artists, writes Mark Amery.